If you're reading this post you're probably looking for unlimited web hosting. Well here's the tldr;

It doesn't exist!

Sorry to break it to you, but it's true. Unlimited Web Hosting is just marketing fluff to give you the illusion that you are getting more for your money, when in actual fact you are probably getting less.

We're seeing an increase in web hosts offering unlimited bandwidth & web space and you might be wondering why you don’t see that here at SwiftHost. Quite simply, unlimited web hosting does not exist!

Don't believe me?

Recently, I was browsing popular hosting community Web Hosting Talk and come across a member struggling to upload files to his 'unlimited' account on Scala Hosting. The disk appears to be 99% full, preventing the user from uploading anymore files even though only 100mb is in use.

Unlimited Hosting Fail

Your website is essentially a bunch of files stored on the hard drive of a glorified PC (a web server) along with 100s of other websites sharing the same resources... The hard drive inside this PC will have a physical limit, whether it be 1TB. 2TB or higher. If all customers decided to make use of their unlimited disk space, It wouldn't be long before the real limits started to become apparent.

If you find yourself in this situation you could find your web host trying to get more money out of you or worse, suspend your account (you read their TOS, right?).

The same principal applies to bandwidth. Your hosting company will be buying bandwidth off a data centre or ISP to share with their customer base. How can they offer all of it to every customer?

If you have a small website you may not be concerned, but what if your website grows?

We prefer not to mislead our customers, our plans are fair and cater for websites of all sizes. Most importantly, we will never take your website offline if an account runs the risk of hitting it's limits.

Our technical team is notified when an account is low on disk space or bandwidth allowing us to apply additional resources to get you through to your next billing cycle, and we'll never charge you for it.

If you do opt for an unlimited web hosting provider be sure to read their Terms of Service so that you know where you stand.

Do you have any unlimited hosting horror stories? Let us know in the comments.