Typing your address and credit card details each time you pay your invoice will soon be a thing of the past.

We are excited to announce you are now able to buy from SwiftHost using just your Apple Pay enabled iOS device and fingerprint.

Simply click the Apple Pay button at checkout and authorise the transaction on your iOS device by using the TouchID finger print sensor or passcode. Please note you must have a debit/credit card linked to your iOS device.

Apple Pay on desktop

In September Apple released macOS Sierra, a major update to the Mac operating system. Sierra includes Apple's 'Continuity' feature that allows Apple Pay to be used to make purchased on the web (in Safari) giving Apple users a quick and easy way to make purchases, it is even quicker than PayPal.

How secure is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is one of the most secure methods of making payments online or in store.

When making a purchase online, Apple Pay uses a unique transaction code so that your card number is never stored on your devices or Apple's servers, and when you pay, your card number is never shared by Apple with merchants.

How do I know if I can use Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is now widely support with most major credit and debit card providers from nearly all UK banks.

Apple Pay is available on iPhone 6 or 6s Plus (with iOS 8.1 or later), iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 or later, or iPhone 5s when used with the Apple Watch.